April 29 - Wednesday
07:30 PM - Choir
April 30 - Thursday
07:30 PM - Bible Study
May 2 - Saturday
03:00 PM - Pacific House Meal Prep
May 3 - Sunday
10:00 AM - Worship
May 4 - Monday
09:30 AM - Tiny Tots Music
May 5 - Tuesday
10:30 AM - Yerwood Center

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We exist
“to know and share
God’s grace in Jesus Christ.”
Toward that end
we have covenanted to be
a Worshipping Congregation,
a Learning Community,
a Serving People and
a Caring Fellowship.
We are a community of differing
ages, ethnicities, backgrounds,
and circumstances who believe
that God’s welcome is for each
and for all and so we strive to be
an inclusive and welcoming
witness to God's unity.
Sunday Worship
10:00 a.m.
Sunday Services Directions